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Specialty Programs

We have exciting Specialty Programs, which include but not limited to the following:

Orthopedic Home Rehabilitation

Specific protocols used for every Orthopedic Physician. Coagulation therapy monitoring with instant results.

Diabetic Program

Education on disease process, nutrition, blood glucose monitoring and factors that affect blood glucose levels. Instruction on insulin and diabetic medications.

Cardiac Health

Skilled nurses assist with educating patients on medication management, nutrition, and blood pressure monitoring

Cardiopulmonary - CHF, COPD

Edema and weight monitoring, oxygen saturations, disease processes and understanding of diagnosis

Stroke Recovery

Therapy staff trained in stroke recovery and assistive devices. Speech Therapy focus on communication and swallow strategies.

Dementia Care Program

Therapy specific training for caregivers in disease process, pain management and education of pain indicators.

Balance & Home Safety

Assisteo’s Balance and Home Safety Program is designed for those patients with a recent history of falls, gait disturbance, balance impairments, and recent decline in functional mobility. 

Transitional Care Program

Transitional care is the care that is provided to a patient within the first 30 days of
transitioning from either hospital or skilled nursing facility to the home.

Fall Prevention Program

Assisteo’s Fall Prevention Program is designed for those patients with a history of falls and gait disturbances.

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